Sharing our hearts and giving hope

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And I follow their daily Facebook feed which is always interesting.  Here is a recent posting from them (So it is not my writing). The second paragraph is particularly good:

“It is written in our Torah portion for this week: “When a person (i.e., adam: אָדָם) has on the skin of his body a swelling (שְׂאֵת) or a scab (סַפַּחַת) or a bright spot (בְּהֶרֶת)… he shall be brought to the priest” (Lev. 13:2). Here the sages note three common afflictions that befall the “children of Adam”: swelling (arrogance), scabs (worldly vanity, from a word that means to join togther), and bright spots (representing the light of carnal reasoning to understand the ways of God). When we see only the affliction, we must go to the priest – to one who helps mediate the Divine Presence – to see how deep the affliction is… Symbolically, since we are all priests to one another (see Exod. 19:6; 1 Pet. 2:5,9; Rev. 1:6), we share our afflictions with one another, allowing ourselves to be seen, and to confess our need for healing. “Therefore, disclose (ἐξομολογέω, lit. ‘confess out’) your sins to one another and pray (εὔχομαι) for one another, that you may be healed…” (James 5:16).

Followers of Yeshua are intended by God to be healers (Luke 9:1). The most common word for healing in the New Testament is therapeuo (θεραπεύω), a word that means to serve, to care for, and to restore to health. Unlike some ministers who draw crowds to demonstrate the power of miraculous “faith healing,” true spiritual healers take the time to listen to others, to hear their inward pain, and to extend compassion and grace to them. They help open the inner eyes of the heart by extending hope and a new vision about what is real… Indeed, lasting healing focuses less on being cured than on finding hope that will never die. [Hebrew for Christians]”

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1 year ago

It is a great text. So true!
Sometimes it is not easy to open to receive help… to share… but I believe the first step to improving its to develop this humble attitude that will allow us to receive God’s help. Sometimes just share our concerns and affliction make us feel so good that encourage to found the solutions and therefore provide us, Hope!

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