Let’s talk a little bit about this moment that we are living. Who knew, at the turn of the year and the decade that we would experience such a global crisis in public health and economics? It looks a bit like a catastrophic movie script, like so many we’ve seen in the last few years, coming true right in front of our eyes. As with everything in life, the important thing at that moment is to stay calm! Stop a minute, breathe! You have no idea of ​​the power that our breathing has in calming us and reducing anxiety levels.


Talking a little bit about me. I work as a systems implementation consultant. It is a job that I enjoy because it provides something that a lot of people are terrified of, but I particularly like it, it provides changes! The implementation of a new system itself is already a big change for a customer. It usually comes with a change in processes, adaptation to good practices, training, and learning in various spheres. From new processes to new ways of doing day to day activities.


I always hear from customers some people complain about problematic system implementations and whenever we analyse the reasons for the problems most of them are connected in some way to changes! This means that changing, in general, is a complicated thing. Our tendency is always to cling to the things we believe in and our routines which ends up generating a feeling of security. The famous Comfort Zone is nothing more than a feeling of security, which is why it is so comfortable. And change, in turn, is always fraught with fears and fears.


Why are we so afraid to change?


It seems like a cliché to say that all our dreams are on the other side of our fears, but as incredible as it may seem, it is true. I usually compare myself to going to an amusement park. You often see that giant roller coaster and freeze in fear, only to discover that if you decide to face that initial moment, the joy you will have during the ride will be sensational. Of course, you can be the type of person who doesn’t like strong emotions and that’s okay too. The example is more to give an idea that some things always seem much worse than they are before we experienced them. Our imagination has the power to take us to the worst possibilities if we allow ourselves to.


And it is a little of what we are experiencing now. Of course, we will never be able to neglect our health care during this pandemic or at any time in our lives, but I believe that the changes that are happening in the world are there for a reason. It will be a learning experience with different lessons for each one, and far from me to minimize the pain or suffering of someone who has lost family or friends. What I would like to give you is a little hope that despite what you are going through tomorrow it will be a new day and a new opportunity will open. You are amazing and you cannot let yourself be shaken by the changes that occur, but discover what learning is and have a little faith that you can achieve.


I believe in God and I think he will never forsake us.


According to the scriptures: Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. – Phill 4:6



Faith, optimism, hope, the power of focus, and thinking can always be used to your advantage. Just stop a minute and breathe!


Ah, writing also helps to calm down. Take advantage of this tip and start making a diary too!


Don’t forget to comment here what you think about changes and how you deal with them.


Be Kind!


I create a Blog to help me low my anxiety level, so I’m doing a journal and I will try to write every day. If you can please check This is the first text I post today 🙂

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1 year ago

That’s so true. This post about change reminds me of a profound book “who moved my cheese”.

1 year ago

Hi Cicero – Change is a very important topic to address – in our walk with the Lord often requires us to go to the cross – to die in some way and that can be painful, may involve giving up things we are comfortable – but unless we do – we will never grow and mature – ie change.
thank you and blessings

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